Commercial decorators

Services we provide:

  • Full Interior and Exterior Refurbishment
  • Spray Painting
  • Office and Hotel Decorations
  • Commercial retail Painting
  • Hospitality Painting
  • Industrial Painting
  • Maintenance contracts



Decorating and painting Offices

Small offices, Studios and Workspaces

Our experienced and trustworthy painters will create a comfortable working environment for you and your employees. Our exceptional finish transforms any workspace into a functional and aesthetically perfect space suitable for productive work. Hampstead Decorators create outstanding looks for small offices, which reflect the individuality and corporate spirit of your company.




Large commercial spaces

The most popular service for large offices is ceilings and wall painting. Hampstead Decorators offer high-quality painting at affordable prices. Our specialists can compensate for insufficient lighting with a competent choice of colour for areas and individual walls. We help you create a comfortable and convenient environment for a productive workflow.






Hospitality projects of all types (restaurants, cafes, hotels)

Catering establishments have a special style that reflects the corporate spirit. Our painters will create a feeling of warmth and cosiness in your cafe. When decorating restaurants, we stay true to the brand. Hampstead Decorators create stylish hotel interiors and use high-quality trade paint.




Retail stores (showrooms, large retail spaces)

Our painters decorate retail stores and showrooms. We deliver an eye-catching appearance that attracts customers. Using only high-quality tools and materials that will last for a long time. Our professional craftsmen will help you to choose the right paint, which is a key to quality, durability, and attractiveness. Hampstead Decorators complete all painting projects within an agreed timescale.



Other commercial projects (hospitals, industrial, schools)

Hampstead Decorators help you create a special atmosphere in schools and education centres. We can paint schools, colleges, and universities in matte, semi-gloss, or gloss coatings. Our painters select environmentally friendly and safe finishing materials that can be used in catering facilities.

Our decorators provide painting services of walls and ceilings at industrial premises and large storage spaces in London. We select paint that is easy to clean. You can choose any colour; our painters will deliver quick and high-quality work on time. Hampstead Decorators specialized in painting interior walls, ceilings and exterior decoration works. Floors and walls at hospitals and healthcare centres are constantly subject to cleaning, disinfection, and various mechanical influences that not every paint can withstand. Our painters select the coating that meets environmental, safety and operational requirements.



Communal, residential and block properties

  • Exterior Painting of Brickwork and Masonry (including Repairs and Rendering);
  • Exterior/Interior Painting of Doors and Windows (including Repairs and Joinery);
  • Painting Fences, Sheds and Garden Offices (including repairs and Carpentry);
  • Painting Fascias and Soffit