Door staining

Painting, varnishing, and staining wooden doors.

When working with a unique interior, don’t forget about internal and front doors. They protect the home as a whole and its rooms, as well as a worthy decoration. Proper care, timely and high-quality painting of wooden doors will give your home comfort and cosiness.

Hampstead Decorators offers woodwork painting, including door stripping. Our dedicated team trained to work with various door styles from Victorian to contemporary. We provide touch-ups, refinishing, painting to replicate the design you love.

Painting is a great way to breathe a new life in your old wooden doors!

Hampstead Decorators can take care of this with our painting specialists. We guarantee an excellent painting of wooden doors using the best paint and varnish materials. Our team only works with leading manufacturers that produce high-quality trade varnishes and paints. The price of painting wooden doors is lower than the replacement. We can apply special coatings to protect wooden doors.

Hampstead Decorators strive to emphasize every unique architectural style of your home. To do this, we pay special attention to accessories, as well as to the original door hardware.

Door surface preparation.

The process has several stages:

— removal of old materials to the timber surface, including coats of paint, primer, and putty.

— the surface of the wooden door is carefully sanded, and all sorts of defects eliminated, including cracks, scratches, dents, etc.

— repairs of defects. The specialised wood putty used. Drying time is essential before final grinding is carried out.

Door Staining/ Door Painting.

Our painters carry out spray and hand painting. All tools and materials used are specialized for woodwork. The type of door construction determines how it is painted. Hire professional decorators to receive an excellent finish.

Hampstead Decorators offers services for:

• Internal Doors
• Front Doors
• Timber Doors
• Patio Doors
• Metal Doors
• Garage Doors

Hampstead Decorators provides a full range of qualified wooden door restoration services. We pride ourselves on professionalism, quality and short terms for the reconstruction of wooden doors. Our team is ready to undertake the restoration of wooden doors of any complexity. Nothing lasts forever, and after prolonged use, doors lose their appearance and physical properties. Doors swell and warp after prolonged use, receive mechanical damage and crack, the hinges becoming loose. Door handles and locks also run out of resources and need new lubrication and mechanism. Or maybe you just decided to change the old door lock to a more reliable one. Our experts are always ready to help with the solution. We are ready to share our years of experience and give you an urgent solution, taking into account all your wishes.

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