Exterior painting

Services we provide:

  • Brickwork and Masonry Exterior Painting
  • Plastering and Rendering surfaces during preparation
  • Rotten or Damaged Woodwork Repairs (windows, doors, etc.)
  • External Painting of Doors, Windows and Frames
  • Painting of Gates, Fences, Metal Railings
  • Soffits and Fascias Painting
  • Application of undercoat, primers, and paint to doors, windows, fences, sheds, etc

Exterior painting is a traditional method of decoration to give the house a good appearance and protect from external weather impact. Whether it’s masonry, brickwork or other types of material, specialist paints are used to protect the surface for a long time. At Hampstead Decorators, we only use professional paints to provide you with an exceptional and high-quality finish that will last for years. Before painting the house exterior, we thoroughly prepare all surfaces and repair damaged parts. Preparation is an essential part, as this would affect finish quality. Our painters remove old paint, plaster from the surface, and clean from various kinds of contaminants thoroughly. The surface must be repaired using trade-rated material, which is high quality, to prolong the lifespan of the paint. The drying process is key in painting, and it should not be rushed. The paint is applied in at least two layers with the time interval between the application of the next layer, to allow drying. This time depends on the type of paint chosen. We pride ourselves on the high-quality finish works and attention to detail.

The house exterior decoration requires special safety measures for workers and passers-by. We only work with reliable scaffolding companies. With Hampstead Decorators you can order any kind of painting, restore the original appearance of the house, or completely change the appearance.

How we work.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Inspection, where we

— carefully listen to customer’s requirements

— inspect the current state of the walls

— advise which paint is best for your house

— the client selects paint colour

— we make a detailed quote

  1. Agreement on the cost
  2. Contract and deposit
  3. Purchase of materials (by agreement)
  4. Preparation and Decoration is carried out
  5. Quality of work checked
  6. Cleaning the site and appropriate waste disposal
  7. Handing over the work to the client
  8. Completion

Our specialists at Hampstead Decorators have years of experience with various paints and would be happy to discuss the best options for your house.