Floor Staining


High-quality floor staining delivers — pleasant appearance and protection of wooden surfaces. Our company delivers professional hardwood staining that will significantly extend the life of your floor covering. Even if the installation was at a high standard, only varnishing can effectively protect flooring from early scratches and damage.
Floor staining is one of the integral steps in the processing of a wooden floor during installation, repair, or restoration. The procedure allows you to get a glossy, shiny floor that will last longer. Treated flooring looks neat, completely new, even after several years of operation. We remove the dust from the surface of the floor, so it can shine again!
The varnish layer on the floor has a protective function. It preserves the aesthetic characteristics of hardwood over a long period. Fewer defects — scratches, chips, cracks — appear on the surface, and its life is extended.

Hampstead Decorators carry out floor staining in all London areas.

To choose the right varnish we take into account many factors:
• wood species from which flooring is made;
• functions of the room;
• operating conditions (humidity, temperature differences, etc.);
• clients’ wishes for flooring colour/appearance.

«Hampstead Decorators» is a team of real professionals who are knowledgeable in varnishes and other consumables for flooring. Our tools include the best grinders, specialized brushes, rollers, and spatulas. We have extensive experience restoring a wood floor in compliance with all established requirements.

Floor Preparation for Staining
Before staining wooden floors, it is necessary to prepare the room and the floor itself. We carefully remove all items from the room, if possible skirting board is temporarily removed or protected.

Wooden Floor Staining includes:
• primary surface treatment with grinders;
• preparation and application of putty;
• secondary interlayer grinding;
• applying several layers of stain or varnish and a primer layer.

We do everything to ensure that the results of varnishing meet the expectations of the client. Our specialists only use proven technologies for wooden floor staining. We use exclusively reliable professional equipment.

Our experts will make your wooden floor the same as it was immediately after installation. The finished coating will be resistant to damage and another restoration won’t be needed for several years.

To get the final cost and find out how much wooden floor staining would cost in your case, we recommend completing our online request form. The specialist would be in touch if viewing or further details are required.
We provide a free estimate.

Why Hampstead Decorators?
Our company has been engaged in wooden floor staining and varnishing, as well as dismantling and installation of wooden floors in London. Our clients are government organizations, large private companies, and individuals. With our experience gained over the years, we can offer:
— a full range of necessary services, taking into account all the aspects of work in premises of various types;
— the optimal use of expensive and affordable materials with knowledge of the pros and cons in each case;
— reasonable and affordable price for the work;
— qualified personnel who know their job and work as quickly as possible.